Assalamu'alaikum :)

Wants to have fun but didn’t have chance to do it? Want to experience other countries culture without having to go there? This is the reason why you have to visit IIUM Wonder World. We will provide you fun, excitement and experience as you walk throughout the exhibition. IIUM Wonder World is actually an advancement of one of CONVEST ’11 subprogram, Grand Exhibition (GREX). 

International students would get their chances to promote and expose their cultures and food through Ummatic Exhibition. In order to let them celebrating the graduation students together, Kids Fair will also be held for the kids to educate them in a fun way. 

Other than that, many interesting activities and exhibition will be held by clubs and students of IIUM and also several NGO. This event will take place from 6th till 8th October 2012 near the Riverside Area and Student Square, IIUM from 8 AM till 5 PM.

For any inquiries: FB --> IIUM Wonderworld