War Theatre


Date : 4th October 2012
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Male Sport Complex Experimental Hall, IIUM

War Theatre is a collaboration from Khasmiri students society, Syrian students society and Myanmar students society. This theatre is to show the real situation of how Muslims among these countries suffered in war. Indeed, the efforts of portraying their suffering can insert the spirits of Islamic brotherhood.  

::The Waiting::
“I’ll wait for you. Until the sky crumbles…”
A story of two star-crossed lovers, torn apart in the fight of freedom and justice. Mahya patiently waits for her beloved, Hamdan, to return with hopes to be together in the end. Alas fate always have a twist up Her sleeves. Not knowing what happened to Hamdan, Mahya Will she wait until 
the end? Even if the sky crumbles?

Main Performance

-The Disappeared-

It’s a story about two people: Life seems like freezing the moment they are “convicted”. There is no court, no judges, no witness but just the endless war. Do they deserve to be kept away from the world? Do they deserve to be made disappeared?

-The Faith-

Imagine yourself a father, seeing with your own two eyes, the death of both your children. One is brutally beaten to death, and your only daughter, barely out of school, savagely raped. When you go home after all that traumatic moments, what will you do? Would you still have faith in Him?

-The Truth-

Who will hear the voice of human rights? The voice of free will? Do they even have a place in this land anymore? What of the poor? They are calling, shouting, for justice. Where is justice hiding? What is the truth?
::For those who are interested to watch the WAR THEATRE performance, you can buy the ticket online by reserved it first and pay on the next day. We're opening our booth in front of FEMALE ENTRANCE Mosque Level 2 & in front of ITD. 

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