Coming soon!

For this year, Convocation Fiesta had prepared 9 great subprograms for you to enjoy! They are: 
1) Grand Marriage (12th and 13th October 2012)
2) Youth Convention (1st and 2nd October 2012)
3) Chocolate and Pastries Fair (3rd - 9th October 2012)
4) IIUM Wonderworld (3rd - 8th October 2012)
5) Intellectual Discourse (3rd, 7th and 8th October 2012)
6) International Woman Convention (30th September and 2nd October 2012)
7) Explorace (6th October 2012)
8) War Theater (4th October 2012)
9)International Nasyid Festival (11th October 2012)

InsyaAllah, a number of cool celebrities and respected personalities will come to our beloved campus to share the joy with all of you. To know who they are, stay tuned!