Chocolate Fair and Pastries ( 3-9 October 2012)
We are excited to promote the varieties of chocolate and pastries which include cake, dessert, sweet and site dish. Chocolate Fair and pastries can become a way to show our support to Malaysian chocolate industries and products as well as pastries. Moreover, this program is to allow the people to have the knowledge on cooking skill as we are inviting the well known and expert Malaysian chef to have the cooking session with visitors. We also would like together to celebrate the IIUM Convocation Fiesta 2012 and attract more visitors to come to this annual event.

Explorace (6 October 2012)
 It is a race within a community service and bonding project. There will be 20 groups with seven persons for each group. Each group will consists of local and international students. This will indirectly invoke the feelings of unity and belonging among the IIUM community which has diverse cultures and ethnics in order to realize one of the IIUM mission which is Internationalization. The race will be held inside IIUM area and around Gombak area. This race will represent IIUM community in contributing something to the residents of IIUM and Gombak areas while building bonds and relationship with them.

Youth Conference ( 1-2 October 2012)
The Fiqh Convention is basically another program initiated in order to discuss the Islamic global issues regarding to the future ummah. It is in line with our theme for this Fiqh Convention; ‘Youth and Ummatic Future’ and with the concept of general talk. The two days program will be introduced the greatest contemporary ulama’ . and scholars as well as the Dikir Zikri as the beneficial entertainment. This program will be collaborated with the other consultants and organization who are interested to have another program outside.

Grand Marriage ( 12-13 October 2012)
 The organizing of this occasion is basically for IIUM students itself and focusing on graduated students for this year which are planning to get marry after the graduation day. In this event, 20 selected couples will be involved and not only for the Malay students but also involve International students. Besides, entertainingly, both of the couples also must be IIUM students. At the same time, the international students would have the experience on how Malay marriage is organized and be able to understand the Malay culture. Besides, the ties of the the brotherhood between different people would become stronger and would give easiness for both brides and grooms.

Intellectual Discourse (3, 7, 9 October 2012)
The burst of issues has created catastrophe among the Muslim in which affecting their daily lives. Before it becomes more critical, this issue has to be answered by the intellectuals who are expertise in their respective fields in explaining to the Muslims in correcting their perceptions, views and thought on the issue. Therefore, in realizing the intellectuality among IIUM communities and public prevalently, we would like to bring the experts to the community both inside and outside of the campus, to explain the current issues affecting Muslims. The current issues such as economic, social and politics will be discussed to ensure the authenticity of Islamic mold is treated with foreign ideologies.

International Nasyeed Festival (11 October 2012)
This international Nasyeed Festival adds the arts of entertainment and education as well as a way of remembering Allah SWT during this Convest '12. This programme is objectively to introduce the concept of entertainment parallel with Islamic principles. This program is targeted to be participated by quite number of popular nasyeed performers from our country as well as with the international Islamic singers by hitting their nasyeed songs together with zikr as remembrance to Allah throughout their performances. This program is truly to promote different modes of entertainment as a symbol of integrating Muslims.

International Woman Convention (30 September-2 October 2012)
This convention is initiated in order to discuss the global issues regarding to woman in Muslim world especially and also, all around the globe entirely. Among the issues intended to be discussed are the women rights, welfare and involvement of women in today's world politics. We will invite speakers, academicians from different backgrounds, locally and internationally in order to get together to have a resolution regarding to those issues discussed. At the same time, the program is aimed to discuss the involvement of woman in politic as well as discussing their roles in this developing human society.

War Theatre (4 October 2012)
Lots of conflicts occur and this has created more tensions among the Muslims. The conflicts in Syria also pictures the catastrophe existed in Muslims world. Therefore, the effort of potraying the suffering of Muslims as a way of inserting the spirits of Islamic brotherhood. It has come out with the idea of this War Theatre. This event is to make all residents understand about the exact situation among the countries which are involved in war. This theathe is to show the real situation among the countries, for instance, Syria and Palestine especially.
IIUM Wonderworld (6-8 October)
World Exhibition is actually an event that is rooted from one of the sub-programs during CONVEST’11 which is Grand Exhibition (GREX). Therefore, CONVEST’12 aims to develop GREX to become more alive and dynamic to achieve the world-standard level for an exhibition. There will be a few booth provided for international students to promote and expose their cultures and food, namely Ummatic Exhibition. Apart from that, Kids Fair will also be held at the World Exhibition to include them together in celebrating the graduation students. Other interesting activities are like busking by IIUM cultural and arts clubs, recreational activities like canoeing and flying fox, student and NGO’s exhibitions.