1. Playing role of celebrating the graduating students of IIUM as an in conjunction with the Convocation Day as day of inspiring all existing students to excel in their studies.
2. Acting as an avenue in fostering and strengthening the ties of Islamic brotherhood among the university’s community as well as the member of the public.
2. Convocation Fiesta is a medium of manifesting and reflecting such unique abilities, universal ideas and Islamic identity of the university and its students especially.
3. Cultivating the tradition of seeking and propagating knowledge and the preservation of Islamic values as the basis of humanity in building a better community.
4. To appreciate the uniqueness of Islamic culture adaption in different ethnicities in both local and international.


Students’ Representative Council 2010/2011,
International Islamic University Malaysia

Student Activities and Development Division (STADD),
International Islamic University Malaysia

29th September – 11th October 2012

Gombak Main Campus,
International Islamic University Malaysia