Sponsors for CONVEST12

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We would like to say THANK YOU to all of these sponsor bodies for supporting our event, CONVEST12 organised by SRC. 

For more details, please click the SPONSORS TAB above. The links under the logos will bring you straight to the sponsors website @ facebook.


Grand Marriage


Date : 12th - 13th October 2012
Venue : Male Sport Complex
    SHAS Mosque, 
  CAC Mainhall

Marriage is beautiful relation and has been given great value in Islam. 
     Organizing this occasion is basically for IIUM students. Conjunction with that, this grand marriage helps the brides and bridegrooms in minimize their budget for their wedding ceremony. Besides that, through this occasion the International students can know Malay culture in managing wedding ceremony and understand Malay culture.Apart from that, the ties of brotherhood between different people would become stronger and would give easiness for both brides and groom.

For any inquiries : FB --> Grand Marriage


Assalamu'alaikum :)

Wants to have fun but didn’t have chance to do it? Want to experience other countries culture without having to go there? This is the reason why you have to visit IIUM Wonder World. We will provide you fun, excitement and experience as you walk throughout the exhibition. IIUM Wonder World is actually an advancement of one of CONVEST ’11 subprogram, Grand Exhibition (GREX). 

International students would get their chances to promote and expose their cultures and food through Ummatic Exhibition. In order to let them celebrating the graduation students together, Kids Fair will also be held for the kids to educate them in a fun way. 

Other than that, many interesting activities and exhibition will be held by clubs and students of IIUM and also several NGO. This event will take place from 6th till 8th October 2012 near the Riverside Area and Student Square, IIUM from 8 AM till 5 PM.

For any inquiries: FB --> IIUM Wonderworld

International Women Convention

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This two days programme (30th September & 2nd October 2012) serves the purpose for the women in Muslim world who wants to know their rights and also the place of women in this world. This programme is organized by Students’ Representative Council 2010/ 2011 and will be held at the Main Auditori`um, River Side & Experimental Hall, IIUM. The person in charge of this programme will be Abdul Hakeem Bin Sazali.

[Women Conference]
Date : 30th September 2012 (Sunday)
Time : 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
Venue : Main Auditorium, Kuliyyah of Engineering, IIUM
Moderator : Sis Tami Sue Newberry (IIUM)
Speakers : 1) Prof Harlina Harliza Haji Siraj (Women & Society)
2) YB Mumtaz Md Nawi (Women's Right)
Fees : RM 30 (including lunch, refreshment, compilation of speakers' presentation, tags, and certificates)
Open to all brothers and sisters

Date : 2nd October 2012 (Tuesday)
Time : 9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Venue : Riverside, IIUM
Open to all brothers and sisters

[Grooming Session for Muslimah]
Date : 2nd October 2012
Time : 11.30 am - 5.30pm
Venue : Experimental Hall
Presenter : Seanggun Bidadari
Sessions : 1) Hijab
2) Make Up
3) Personality
Fees : RM 5
Sisters only

[Forum on Islamic Feminism]
Date : 2nd October 2012
Time : 8.30pm - 11.30 pm
Venue : Experimental Hall
Moderator : Dr Fauziah Mohd Noor (Lecturer from AIKOL, IIUM)
Panelists : 1) Dr Fadila Grine (Canada)
2) Ratna Osman (SIS)
3) Dr Aldila (IIUM)
Fees : Free
Open to all brothers and sisters

For further information: FB --> IWC Page

Intellectual Discourse

Assalamualaikum :)

As for this programme which is organized by Students’ Representative Council 2010/ 2011, the main purpose of it is to bring the intellectuals to the community both inside and also outside of the campus of IIUM in order to explain to them the current issues and problems that affect Muslims overall. This is the opportunity given from us for those who want to open their mind and know the point of views from the philosophers about the reality that affects the unity of Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad as these issues brought a bit of catastrophe among the Muslims. In short, this programme will eventually help people by providing them the necessary points on the related issues which caused them faith of confusion. This event will be held during 3rd, 7th  and 9th  October 2012 at Main Auditorium, IIUM and also at Main Auditorium, KAED, IIUM. The person in charge of this programme will be Mohd Najmi bin Mat Zawawi.

For further information : FB --> ID Page

War Theatre


Date : 4th October 2012
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Male Sport Complex Experimental Hall, IIUM

War Theatre is a collaboration from Khasmiri students society, Syrian students society and Myanmar students society. This theatre is to show the real situation of how Muslims among these countries suffered in war. Indeed, the efforts of portraying their suffering can insert the spirits of Islamic brotherhood.  

::The Waiting::
“I’ll wait for you. Until the sky crumbles…”
A story of two star-crossed lovers, torn apart in the fight of freedom and justice. Mahya patiently waits for her beloved, Hamdan, to return with hopes to be together in the end. Alas fate always have a twist up Her sleeves. Not knowing what happened to Hamdan, Mahya Will she wait until 
the end? Even if the sky crumbles?

Main Performance

-The Disappeared-

It’s a story about two people: Life seems like freezing the moment they are “convicted”. There is no court, no judges, no witness but just the endless war. Do they deserve to be kept away from the world? Do they deserve to be made disappeared?

-The Faith-

Imagine yourself a father, seeing with your own two eyes, the death of both your children. One is brutally beaten to death, and your only daughter, barely out of school, savagely raped. When you go home after all that traumatic moments, what will you do? Would you still have faith in Him?

-The Truth-

Who will hear the voice of human rights? The voice of free will? Do they even have a place in this land anymore? What of the poor? They are calling, shouting, for justice. Where is justice hiding? What is the truth?
::For those who are interested to watch the WAR THEATRE performance, you can buy the ticket online by reserved it first and pay on the next day. We're opening our booth in front of FEMALE ENTRANCE Mosque Level 2 & in front of ITD. 

So, mark your dates and get your ticket for only RM3!!

For any inquiries : FB --> War Theatre

Chocolate Fair & Pastry 2012

Peace be upon you :)

Date : 5th - 9th October 2012
Time : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Venue : KAED Gallery, IIUM

There will be many exciting events awaits everyone such as demonstration from well known chef, Chef Jaafar Onn, game shows, lucky draws and interesting contests such as cupcakes decoration contest, cooking contest, coloring and fruit decoration contest and eating contest. All of you can participate in these contests and stand a chance to win great prizes.

For any inquiries : FB --> ChocFair Page

Explorace "From Zero to Hero"

Assalamualaikum :)

Fees: RM 80 per team (RM 20/person)

Preparation for explorace : 
1) Backpack & extra clothes
2) At least 1 person is able to drive a car.
3) Make a copy of license & send it over to the commitee within registration period 
4) Wear sport shoes & cover aurah.

Please visit Explorace's FB page for rules & regulations.

For any inquiries: FB --> ExploraceZero2Hero 

Konsert Nusantara

Date : 11 October 2012
Time : 8.00 pm
Venue : CAC Hall, IIUM
Artists : Opick, Edcoustic, Hafiz Hamidun, Ezad Exist.

Ticket price : 
VIP - RM 50
GOLD - RM 50



Hafiz Hamidun 

Ezad Exist
For any inquiries : FB --> Konsert Nusantara Sentuhan Nurani

Youth Conference

Youth Conference

Concept : Public Lecture & Roundtable discussion
Speakers : Dr. Tareq Mohammed Al-Suwaidan
Wadah Khanfar

Tan Sri Dr. Professor Kamal Hassan

Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan

FB --> Tareq Al-Suwaidan
Twitter --> TareqAlSuwaidan
Website -->  Dr.Tareq
Wadah Khanfar

Twitter  --> WadahKhanfar

For any inquiries :  FB --> IIUM Youth Conference 2012

Coming Soon Video

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IIUM Convest had uploaded COMING SOON video for CONVEST12.
Feel free to click on the YOUTUBE VIDEOS TAB to watch.

For those who still do not know, 
"what, where and when"  is 28th CONVEST 

Details as below:
Date : 29th September - 13th October 2012
Venue : IIUM Main Campus, Gombak
Organisers : Student's Representative Council 2010/2012 (SRC)
                   Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD)
In Collaboration with : Kuliyyah Based Societies
                                    IIUM Clubs and Societies

For any inquiries, you can refer to:
Twitter --> CONVEST'12

Corporate Video of Convest 2012

Enjoy! :)

Coming soon!

For this year, Convocation Fiesta had prepared 9 great subprograms for you to enjoy! They are: 
1) Grand Marriage (12th and 13th October 2012)
2) Youth Convention (1st and 2nd October 2012)
3) Chocolate and Pastries Fair (3rd - 9th October 2012)
4) IIUM Wonderworld (3rd - 8th October 2012)
5) Intellectual Discourse (3rd, 7th and 8th October 2012)
6) International Woman Convention (30th September and 2nd October 2012)
7) Explorace (6th October 2012)
8) War Theater (4th October 2012)
9)International Nasyid Festival (11th October 2012)

InsyaAllah, a number of cool celebrities and respected personalities will come to our beloved campus to share the joy with all of you. To know who they are, stay tuned!