Intellectual Discourse

Assalamualaikum :)

As for this programme which is organized by Students’ Representative Council 2010/ 2011, the main purpose of it is to bring the intellectuals to the community both inside and also outside of the campus of IIUM in order to explain to them the current issues and problems that affect Muslims overall. This is the opportunity given from us for those who want to open their mind and know the point of views from the philosophers about the reality that affects the unity of Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad as these issues brought a bit of catastrophe among the Muslims. In short, this programme will eventually help people by providing them the necessary points on the related issues which caused them faith of confusion. This event will be held during 3rd, 7th  and 9th  October 2012 at Main Auditorium, IIUM and also at Main Auditorium, KAED, IIUM. The person in charge of this programme will be Mohd Najmi bin Mat Zawawi.

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